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4 Key information you need to know about discount code!

What is Discount Code? 4 Key information you need to know before you use the discount code!


Discounts can take the form of a fixed value, percentage, or discounts on products, collections, or variants in their stores. What is Discount Code?

The right approach to discounting hinges on what you sell, the customers you target, and the brand experience you wish to create. Specifically, will your target market be more inclined to purchase with discounts that appear automatically at checkout? Or might they be more persuaded to buy after receiving a discount code they must enter during the checkout?

Your choice boils down to offering a self-serve discount model (consumer manually enters a code) or setting up your online store to automatically apply discounts for the shopper.

#1. Discount codes can give you strict control over pricing and promotion.

Including increasing your average order value (AOV) with discount codes that give customers “buy X get Y” discounts, limiting the life of a particular discount code by specifying the dates for which the code is valid.

Source: Bath & BodyWorks

#2. Discount codes can protect your brand and profit margins by limiting the number of times a code can be used.

The minimum spend amount before the code can be used, and to which products, collections, or variants the discount can be applied. Discount codes can also prevent over discounting your products since you control who gets the discount and when.

Source: SM Global Shop

#3. Brands with an omnichannel retail strategy can let customers either redeem their discounts in an online store or in a brick-and-mortar retail location.

Discount codes may be used to track conversion performance of social media influencer partnerships, promoting a sitewide discount in a banner for anyone visiting your site and can improve your customer service or abandoned cart email campaigns.


#4. Discount codes may be used to create a feeling of exclusivity in the customer’s mind.

Targeting specific customer segments with unique discount codes based on purchase history can create a more intimate, personalized brand experience and signal that you truly understand what your target market values.

Source: Clarks


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