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Hong Kong E-Commerce Business Association (HKEBA) is a non-profit organization aiming to build a world-class e-commerce industry in Hong Kong. We educate and promote the latest digital transformative technologies, online and offline omni-channel commerce services, and software technologies to Information Technology sector and corporations.

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Hong Kong Ecommerce Business

Elton Chan


Elton is the Co-founder of Branch8 a Y Combinator funded company. He worked at Lazada in its early days spear heading the cross boarder office. He was a consultant at Accenture. His vision is to make Hong Kong a leading e-commerce hub in the world.

Hong Kong Ecommerce Business

Matt Li

Vice Chairman

Matt is the Co-founder of Branch8. A self-taught software engineer who used to work at HSBC as a corporate banker. He is enthusiastic about bringing cutting edge technology to Hong Kong enterprises.

Hong Kong Ecommerce Business

Kenneth Shek

Executive Committee

Kenneth leads the entire data program at The Lane Crawford Joyce Group. He aspires to make AI usable for consumer businesses, transforming business processes with analytics and data science by democratising the AI superpower to everyone.

Hong Kong Ecommerce Business

Dr. Frederick Yip

Executive Committee

Dr. Fred Yip is the Executive Director of Goldjoy Group. He has over 15 years of industrial experience in the IT industry and extensive consulting experience with travel, banking and financial organisations. His past research interests include e-commerce & payments, IT governance, ontology reasoning and semantic web applications

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Tak Lo

Executive Committee

Specializing in technology investing to stay intellectually ahead of macro-trends, Tak has invested in over 110 startups in the artificial intelligence, blockchain, and early stage sectors. He is on the Committee on Innovation, Technology and Re-industrialisation and Sub Group on Smart Hospitals for Hospital Authority of the Hong Kong Government.

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