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Why should we learn Marketing Automation for Ecommerce

4 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Ecommerce


What is Marketing Automation ?

Marketing automation refers to businesses using automated messages across email, web, social, and text to keep in touch with target customers. Messages are sent automatically, according to sets of instructions called workflows. Workflows may be defined by templates, custom-built from scratch, or modified mid-campaign to achieve better results.

4 Benefits of Using Marketing Automation

Benefit 1: Automated follow up action

1.1 Welcome Gift & Email upon Registration

Greeting the new subscribers with call-to-action (CTA), usually a Welcome gift or discount etc. to start shopping. Getting your emails opened and clicked, is to build instant engagement that leads to the first purchase.

Source: Casetify

1.2 Obtain Feedback (Post Purchase)

Sent after a customer has made a purchase with the goal of increasing loyalty and engagement.

Source: YOHO

1.3 Segmented Flash Sales

Sent promotion to target and segmented customers after flash sales or discount period launch.

Source: Carousell

Benefit 2: Retain Abandoned Cart customers

Abandoned carts are potential buyers who have almost made a purchase but walk away at the last minute. The cost of recovering an abandoned cart is generally much lesser than the cost of acquiring a new customer mainly because the customer is already in the loop, the retailer knows exactly what the customer is looking for and can offer personalized deals. With automation, the system will send an automatic email reminding them of the deals they’re missing out on.

Source: SSENSE

Benefit 3: Re-engage Inactive customers

Automation allows you to communicate with customers who haven’t interacted or purchased from your store in a while. These automated email campaigns aim to bring back customers and encourage them to buy from your store again.

Automation analytics can keep track of when customers last bought from you or opened your emails. You can also track a customer’s last purchase date with purchase tracking and send re-engagement emails accordingly.


Benefit 4: Increase Productivity

All the above automation functions allow your team to save time from doing repetitive tasks and build instant engagement / build relationships with your customers through constantly interacting.


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