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Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund 

To enhance the competitiveness of the Hong Kong e-commerce industry through mutual learning and promotion of their capabilities in ‘One Belt One Road’ countries



With the success of the previous Trade and Industry Department project, [D18002001] To promote and educate the application of omnichannel sales, systems and software to local Hong Kong SMEs, and organized by HKEBA, we intend to build upon this success. We look to take the next step by equipping Hong Kong SMEs to promote their products and/or services in the leading ‘One Belt One Road’ countries: Thailand and Vietnam. 

Key Objectives

  1. To equip Hong Kong SMEs with the local e-commerce market information of Thailand/Vietnam 

  2. To promote Hong Kong SMEs’ products and/or services from Hong Kong to Thailand/Vietnam

  3. To form connections with Hong Kong SMEs and Thailand/Vietnam businesses



To provide an introduction to the participants on ‘One Belt One Road’ developments and e-commerce trends in the target markets before they promote their products and/or services


  1. Kick Off Seminar - ‘One Belt One Road’ Initiative Introduction & Development (Link)

  2. Market awareness seminar - ‘One Belt One Road’ E-Commerce Trends, Challenges and Opportunities (Link)

  3. Pavilion briefing seminar - Thailand and Vietnam Market Pavilion Preparation Seminar (Link)

  4. Dissemination Seminar - Post-Pavilion Summary & Sharing (TBC)


To promote Hong Kong enterprises’ strength, such as omnichannel (online and offline) selling, gateway to China and the rest of the world and trading/sourcing hub for products to the target market in Thailand and Vietnam. Furthermore, during COVID-19, the Hong Kong Government has stepped up its support to add budget to promote the use of funds on technology, such as the Distance Business Programme ( It is evident that there are many e-commerce categories that fit into this scheme. All this shows that Hong Kong is and will be a powerhouse in e-commerce.


  1. Pavilion 1 Vietnam -  Vietnam ICTCOMM, Ho Chi Minh (Link)

  2. Pavilion 2 Thailand - DigiTech ASEAN Thailand (Virtual) (Link)

Directory and Guidebook

Cau Giay Park in Ha Noi, Vietnam

eCommerce Opportunities in
"One Belt One Road" Countries: Thailand & Vietnam


Casual Meeting

About Our Directory

This directory is used to showcase e-commerce and technologies of the HK SMEs in order to promote Hong Kong company and brand Hong Kong as an e-commerce and innovation hub.

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Funded by Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund, Trade and Industry Department


Acknowledgement of support and disclaimer

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material/event (or by members of the project team) do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the Vetting Committee of the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund.

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