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Salesforce: Manage and Merchandise a B2C Commerce Cloud Storefront (CCM101)


HKD 28,600



About the Course

This course teaches merchants and marketers how to manage catalogs, content, products, and promotions for a Commerce Cloud storefront using Commerce Cloud Business Manager.

Who should attend

  1. Merchants

  2. Marketers

  3. Content Managers

  4. Anyone interested in digital strategy

Course outline

  1. Manage catalogs, categories, products, pricing, inventory, and recommendations.

  2. Manage search results, sorting rules, search refinements.

  3. Leverage analytics.

  4. Use coupons, source codes, and customer groups in promotions and campaigns.

  5. Manage product images.

Course format

  • Virtual Training

  • Individual Training or Corporate Training

Certification award

Certicate of Attendance



Course fee

HKD 28,600

Funding Opportunities 

This course is RTTP approved by VTC, with reimbursement of 2/3 of training course fees.

Your Instructor


This course will be taught by Salesforce Certified Instructor(s)

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