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Salesforce: Administer and Merchandise a B2B Commerce on Classic Store (B2B101)


HKD 12,400



About the Course

Design, build, and launch a business-to-business (B2B) commerce solution that enables retailers, wholesalers, or distributors to purchase goods or services from your brand. In this course, our Commerce Cloud experts will walk you through how to set up and configure the essential elements required to manage a storefront, so you can deliver a buyer experience that satisfies your organization’s unique requirements.

Who should attend

  1. Department Heads / Team Leads

  2. Business Managers 

  3. Anyone interested in an introduction to eCommerce

Course outline

  1. Understand the different types of products and how to configure them.

  2. Set up different pricing strategies.

  3. Understand how to implement Marketing and Pricing Strategies.

  4. Organize your storefront by configuring Categories and Menus.

  5. Understand how the B2B Commerce Cloud handles Internationalization by setting up additional currencies and languages.

  6. Grasp Attribute Driven Commerce.

  7. Configure Facetted Searches.

  8. Take the next step toward a B2B Commerce Administrator Accreditation.

Course format

  • Virtual Training

  • Individual Training or Corporate Training

Certification award




Course fee

HKD 12,400

Funding Opportunities 

This course is RTTP approved by VTC, with reimbursement of 2/3 of training course fees.

Your Instructor


This course will be taught by Salesforce Certified Instructor(s)

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