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Foundation of Digital Marketing & Growth





About the Course

This course is aimed to help those who would like to enter the Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking fields, and for those who would like to know more about how to execute Digital Marketing. The course will include varieties of areas for you to develop your Digital Marketing business, from User Experience (UX) Research & Design Thinking to Content Marketing & Branding Strategy on Digital Marketing, from building you own landing page for your business to Social Media Marketing, you will learn different important elements of your business to start with digital marketing.

Who should attend

  1. Who want to enter the Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking fields

  2. Digital Marketing working team

  3. SME Business Owner and Startup Founder

Course outline

  1. Understand the overall picture of Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking

  2. Able to plan the overall marketing strategy 

  3. Able to drive and implement the Website & Search marketing campaign 

  4. Able to drive and implement the Social Media marketing campaign 

  5. Able to test and measure the effectiveness of overall marketing strategy

Course format

  1. In-person Training 

  2. Corporate Training

Certification award




Course fee


Funding Opportunities 


Your Instructor

Endy Chow

Endy Chow is Director of Hong Kong E-Commerce Business Association (HKEBA) & Branch8.
He has more than 10 years of experience in facilitating digital product design and management, conducting growth marketing, driving innovation from idea to market, doing digital transformation consultation & training, and building innovation and creative community.

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