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ACT82001 Alibaba Cloud Big Data Architecture for ACA Big Data Certification


HKD 6,000



About the Course

This 2-day course is designed for Enterprise Solution Architects, Big Data Developers, and IT Managers to get essential skills in data management. The course covers big data solutions provided by Alibaba Cloud in order to deal with the challenges of enterprises in data management and digital transformation. The course will introduce the best practices of data integration, data development, data quality, data security, and data management, governance and data service in Alibaba Cloud.

Who should attend

Anyone interested in cloud computing, data Integration, data development and data quality control

Course outline

  1. Understand the architecture and products of Alibaba Cloud big data

  2. Get familiar with Alibaba Cloud Data life cycle

  3. Implement big data applications through Alibaba Cloud services

  4. Integrate, extract, store and analyze data with Alibaba Cloud Services

Course format

  • Virtual Training

  • Corporate Training

Certification award




Course fee

HKD 6,000

Funding Opportunities 

This course is RTTP approved by VTC, with reimbursement of 2/3 of training course fees.

Your Instructor

Alibaba Cloud

This course will be taught by Alibaba Cloud (Singapore) Instructor(s)

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