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Salesforce: Build Application Architect Expertise (ARC901)


HKD 23,200



About the Course

Dive into the two cornerstone domains of being an Application Architect: Data Architecture and Management, and Sharing and Visibility. In this 4-day workshop, our Architect experts will present you with a case study scenario that will be broken down and explained through iterative exploration. Learn how to design and build secure, scalable, and high-performing solutions through a combination of lecture, demos, hands-on exercises, workshop presentations and discussions.

Who should attend

1. Enterprise architects 

2. Solution architects 

3. Business analysts

Course outline

  1. Design data models that scale gracefully

  2. Leverage Salesforce sharing mechanisms at an advanced level

  3. Evaluate the nuances of field types and pick the right one for the circumstances

  4. Make data model decisions that minimize record locking and other performance degradations

Course format

  • Individual Training or Corporate Training

  • Virtual Training

Certification award

Certicate of Attendance


1. Earn the Platform App Builder credential
2. Complete pre-work prior to attending the workshop

Course fee

HKD 23,200

Funding Opportunities 

This course is RTTP approved by VTC, with reimbursement of 2/3 of training course fees.

Your Instructor


This course will be taught by Salesforce Certified Instructor(s)

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