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ACT81001 & ACT81002 Alibaba Cloud Computing Technical Essentials & Basic Products for ACA Cloud Computing Certification


HKD 6,000



About the Course

This 2-day course will provide an overview of Alibaba Cloud, equipping attendees with essential knowledge on topics like: What is cloud computing? How does cloud products like ECS, RDS, SLB, OSS in Alibaba Cloud work? What is the benefit of replacing traditional IT infrastructure with cloud services?

This course will also cover specific Alibaba Cloud features and tools for configuration and deployment, equipping attendees with deployment and management skills of core Alibaba Cloud products. There will be intuitive online hand-on labs in class, led by experienced instructor to help attendees obtain hands-on experience.

Who should attend

  1. Anyone interested in Alibaba Cloud technology and adoption

  2. Anyone interested in Cloud Computing

Course outline

  1. Understand the idea behind cloud computing and the introduction of Alibaba Cloud

  2. Understand the foundational services in Alibaba Cloud, recognize how these services should be applied in common cloud scenarios

  3. Learn Alibaba Cloud best practices along with these services:

  4. Learn Management Tools, Premium Support Plans

  5. Learn China Gateway Service (ICP, Alibaba Ecosystem) and Express Connect

  6. Understand the characteristics of Alibaba Cloud products (like ECS, SLB, RDS, OSS) and how they should be operated to perform certain tasks

  7. Learn how to configure a set of ECS instances that launch behind a load balancer, with the system scaling up/down according to real world demand

  8. Learn how to enclose resources in virtual private networks with VPC 

  9. Understand the fundamental architecting design concept by putting ECS/SLB/RDS/OSS together

Course format

  • Virtual Training

  • Corporate Training

Certification award




Course fee

HKD 6,000

Funding Opportunities 

This course is RTTP approved by VTC, with reimbursement of 2/3 of training course fees.

Your Instructor

Alibaba Cloud

This course will be taught by Alibaba Cloud (Singapore) Instructor(s)

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