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Who is suited for Shopify Plus

Updated: May 30, 2022

These reasons help you find the right e-commerce platform builder for your business!


#1. Shopify Plus is suited for companies concerned with conversions

Shopify Plus extends everything you get with the Shopify small business platform. It can accept over 10,000 transactions per minute, while virtually unlimited bandwidth prevents website errors or downtime during peak seasons and peak sales.

#2. Shopify Plus is suited for Companies concern with Cost-effectiveness

Shopify Plus integrates a one-click digital wallet checkout feature on product pages, a quick-to-buy feature that increases conversion rates by providing an impulse buying experience and minimizing "cart regret" and abandoned carts.

#3. Shopify Plus is suited for companies concerned with automation

Shopify Plus' AI-driven user experience to deliver a completely customer-centric online experience and checkout features are designed to exponentially increase sales.

You can also set up time-saving automations for order processing, inventory management, customer segmentation, product launches and more.

#4. Shopify Plus is suited for companies concerned with Users Experience

Shopify Plus' AI provides shoppers with a customized homepage based on their search and shopping history, and adds customized messages to increase sales at checkout.

On the other hand, Shopify Plus enhanced product pages through video, 3D, and AR options to display your products to their best advantage.

#5. Shopify Plus is suited for companies required more customization options

Shopify Plus allows you to manage multiple website brands within one account. It's even possible to set customer-specific pricing on the website, showing volume discounts or wholesale pricing based on customer account type.

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