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【Speaker Highlight】Weronika Marciniak - Metaverse Architect

What does the Mixed reality (MR) world give us new experiences and opportunities?


Mixed reality (MR) not just overlays but anchors virtual objects to the real world. The combination of the virtual world with the real world gives us new experience and opportunities.Mixed reality (MR) is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations, where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.

Mixed Reality uses a series of cameras, sensors, and often AI-enhanced technology to process data about a space and use that information to create digitally-enhanced experiences. It enables people to enter a virtual environment that is overlaid on the physical environment.” Mixed reality technology can be used to interactive and immersive experiences.

Weronika Marciniak

Metaverse Architect

Future is meta


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