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【Speaker Highlight】Tony Liang, Head of Engineering, @CryptoBLK

Why Permissioned DLT (Distributed Ledger Database) is more easily adopted by enterprise?


With blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) platforms, the way businesses conduct business is fundamentally changing. Companies can rethink how they make and manage identity, data, brand, provenance, professional credentials, copies rights, and other tangible assets. Here is CryptoBLK's Head of Engineering - Tony Liang's experience and insights!

Permissioned DLT is more easily adopted by enterprises given its privacy and control. The Consensus in Permissioned DLT adopts the feature of majority vote among nodes, validation from relevant parties etc. Multiple players in the software industry has developed solutions on this technology: Enterprises, IT consulting firms, Cloud providers.

Tony Liang

Head of Engineering



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