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【Speaker Highlight】Sunny Wong, Director, Product Development @Set Sail Software

What is your opinion on the prospect of the "Natural Language Processing" technology?


The field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the most promising areas of Artificial Intelligence, where computers are able to understand human languages. As NLP techniques progress, organizations are leveraging these capabilities to solve a wide range of problems. What are the prospects for NLP? In what ways will it evolve and how will applications differ ? Here is Set Sail Software's Product Development Director - Sunny Wong.'s experience and insights!

First trend is the ability to expand your ML model in terms of its accuracy and logic, and how well you can explain your model. The second trend you will see is NLP will go much more personal in the future. It will capture much more information for your contacts understanding. When you first meet with a customer, you have a lot of surrounding data, and this data could affect how you respond to them. The third trend you will see will be the trend of adaptation; going forward you will see more open-source and mature language models, which will enable more ease-of-use and foster widespread adoption.

Sunny Wong

Product Development Director

Set Sail Software


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