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Practical Guides on Packaging Reduction and Management Interview

24 August 2021 | Business Environment Council Limited


Elton Chan, Chairman and Isaac Ng, Advisor of HKEBA was invited by Business Environment Council (BEC) (on behalf of the Environmental Protection Department - EPD) to share & develop a new set of Practical Guidelines on Packaging Reduction and Management to be published on the EPD website for the E-Commerce Sector in Hong Kong.

During the meeting, HKEBA shared ideas related to best practices, opportunities and challenges in achieving packaging reduction & management for the E-Commerce field. Great appreciation to BEC for involving HKEBA in this meaningful project and we wish this project a great success.

BEC has prepared a short online survey to collect more views and feedbacks on the feasible opportunities on packaging reduction and management of the commerce industry. Please fill in the form here: Your feedback will help to make our world a greener place for everyone !


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