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Nine of benefits to build your online store by Shopify Plus!

Why choose Shopify Plus? 9 benefits of Shopify Plus to build your own online store and how it benefit you to start up your E-commence!


Why should you choose Shopify Plus as your E-commerce platform? What's so special about it?

Shopify Plus is a more advanced E-commerce plan. If you're a multi-million dollar business, you might consider Shopify Plus, which offers a customizable experience and greater flexibility for your business. There are 9 Benefits highlighted for you!

#1. SaaS 200+TB Storage

Shopify Plus offers unlimited bandwidth, you'll have scalable SaaS hosting and get 200TB of storage. The website will be more functioning and reliable.

#2. Exclusive Customization in Store Design

Shopify offers some unique website themes that are responsive by design and automatic, also it can be tailored to your brand's specific needs with CSS and full JavaScript control.

#3. High Traffic Optimization

Shopify Plus provides a Launchpad for you to make various activities or modifications to your store. Moreover, it prevents intrusive bots from infiltrating your event and provides a real-time analysis dashboard for tracking.

#4. Success Management

Shopify Plus offers a success manager to assist you with all areas of the platform's launch. Your website will also include a powerful discounting feature.

#5. Sophisticated App Integration

With Shopify Plus, you get higher API limits, allowing you to do more with ERP and app integration.

#6. Shopify Pay Integration

Shopify Plus allows customers to keep billing and shipping information and check out when they return to your site again.

#7.Improved Wholesale Management

Shopify Plus provides a wholesale platform to let merchants operate a completely separate wholesales store from their existing Shopify account.

#8. Workflow Automation

A key feature of Shopify Plus is the Flow automation platform, which lets you easily manage the business's backend (like inventory or order management) without the expense of building a custom system.

#9. Exclusive Mobile Store Builder

Shopify Plus members currently have exclusive access to a mobile app builder, which enables them to create iOS and Android apps easily and effectively.

If you are interested to building your own E-commerence platform or online business store, Please feel free to contact us!

Easily Build Your Own E-commerce platform or online business store with Shopify Plus!

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