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【HKEBA Supporting Event】Insider’s RESHAPE 21

Updated: Sep 7, 2021


RESHAPE 21, Insider's virtual leadership and experience summit, brings leaders from 100+ top brands together to share their expertise across four stages: Leadership, Sustainability, Customer Experience, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Senior executives from top brands will share insights into the evolving landscape of leadership in business and how brands can build trust and meet the demands of today’s ever-changing and increasingly conscious consumers.

Among many panels, RESHAPE 21 will feature a keynote speech by Raja Rajammanar, the CMO of Mastercard; an impact session by Alisha Fernando, the head of DEI at APAC Bloomberg; A CX: Digital and Data Analytics Panel by Omer Waysman, the Director of Global eCommerce at Danone; Carolina Garcia Gomez, the Global Digitalization manager at IKEA, and Tamara Rogers, Global Chief Marketing Officer at GSK, and 100+ thought-provoking conversations.

Attendees will learn how the top brands across industries keep up with the latest trends and create better customer experiences at this two-day summit. They will also learn how to harness technology and focus on building a more sustainable future, embracing diversity and inclusion, and finding ways to let their inner leaders shine.

Free tickets to RESHAPE 21 are available online now.

Register here:


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