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【HKEBA Supporting Event】- Ingram Micro WhatsApp Business API for StartUp

Webinar | 16 September (Fri) 2022 | 4:00pm


WhatsApp Business API for StartUp - How to use WhatsApp for the growth of startups and organizations.

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In this webinar, the Conversational Business Chair, in collaboration with Ingram Micro, will present how WhatsApp can help startups to grow.

Cost: Free

Maximum attendees: 1000

Day/time: September 16 at 4:00 p.m. (Hong Kong)

Duration: 60 minutes

The webinar will be hosted by Jose Miguel Espinar and Pedro Mary Mejia from the multinational company WOZTELL. It will have two parts, a theoretical one where they will explain how WhatsApp can help organizations to grow. And a workshop where the assistants will have the opportunity of creating a free WOZTELL account to start working with a chatbot in WhatsApp Business API.


  • What is WOZTELL

  • What is WhatsApp Cloud API

  • Why to use WhatsApp Cloud API in your startup (metrics)

  • WhatsApp use cases

  • Marketing: entry points, push, nurturing

  • Sales: sales process, follow-up

  • Customer care: customer success, support, logistic, finances

  • Automations, chatbots and pre-design templates

  • Demo WhatsApp Bot

The attendees will have a free WOZTELL license, an eBook on how to get the most of WhatsApp in a startup and access to our free course that will be available on August on how to become a manager of the WhatsApp Platform.

Support: At the end of the webinar there will be a 60-minute live support for those who are practicing with their first chatbot; after that there will be support by email.!

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