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Ecommerce Trends: Top 10 purchase drivers that consumers valued

Updated: May 18, 2022

So when consumers are on the path to purchase, what’s needed to convert them into buyers?


According to Globalwebindex's 2020 commerce report The most effective purchasing motivator is free delivery. Internet users think that having free delivery would most drive them to buy a product online across all age groups and in every country they track.

Consumers would prefer to have a product delivered for free rather than the next day, demonstrating that saving money is more important to them than convenience. In general, most markets follow the same pattern when it comes to online shopping objectives, with free delivery coming first, then financial incentives like discounts, and finally excellent customer evaluations.

Easy returns are catching up with, and even surpassing, customer reviews in MEA. Because of the lack of credit card infrastructure in MEA, giving a cash-on-delivery option is the second most crucial aspect (44 percent ). Each month, 48 percent of internet users throughout the world publish a review of a product, company, or service.

These reviews then influence the decisions of the 36% of people who use them to do product research. Given the importance of customer evaluations in influencing purchasing decisions, firms must maintain a positive reputation by tracking feedback and resolving any concerns that occur.

Despite the fact that financial incentives are at the top of the list in every region, brand interaction is more effective in some than others. Internet users in MEA and APAC are more inclined to purchase if they have access to exclusive material or services (17%) or a live-chat box that allows them to communicate with the brand (16 percent say this). Consumers in Europe and North America are less influenced by these characteristics. Nonetheless, these are frequently seen as 'nice-to-haves' rather than'must-haves' by customers.

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