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【Branch8 x HKEBA】Core Features of Multiple Discount App

Core Features of Multiple Discount App


#1 Customise your offer to specific customer

Through Multiple Discount, you can filter your customers by tags and offer your discount for special customers only. For example, if you would like to offer discounts to VIP customers only, through the Multiple Discount app, you would provide special discounts to VIP customers only by just ticking a box.

#2 Different Discount Type

Discount not limited to % off only, fixed amount discount can be applied with a simple set-up. From ‘buy 1 get 1 free, to ‘get 10% off when purchasing over 3 items’, Multiple Discount app can fulfill what you need and want.

#3 Spending Goals / Volume discount Achievement

Multiple Discount app allows discounts to be applied based on spending or volume goal. If your customer purchases over $500, you can offer an additional discount to them except the original discount. (e.g., Spend $1,000 on Collection A items and get $100 off on Product B)

#4 Flexible rules of different discount offer

The store can set up multiple discounts and apply all to one or more products at the same time. You can choose to execute all discounts or only apply to the higher priority one optional. For example, buy Product A+B and get 10% off on Product C.

#5 Free Shipping option

Through Multiple Discount, only one click, it enable free shipping when your customer reaches the campaign goals.

#6 Prioritize your campaigns Multiple Discount can assign the rank for your promotions rule to prioritize your campaigns and get the precise promotion if multiple discounts are offered.

#7 Schedule campaigns

The app allows store to set up date and time for your campaign so it will only take effect at your specified time.

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