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Back to Basic: Accounting & Payroll with Cloud Automation

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

22 July 2021 (Thu) | 16:00 - 17:30 | Webinar


Managing your business finances and staff form part of the key building blocks when running a business. With the changing Asia workforce landscape, people are becoming more focused on the employee experience, dependent on technology and have shown a growing interest in the gig economy.

These changes have sparked interest for many small and medium-sized enterprise owners. As they have created both challenges and opportunities for their businesses and current workflow processes.

As we move towards an e-society business stand to further increase productivity and revenue by leveraging the cloud opportunity. But how can I go about selecting the right cloud tools to enable me to do that? What are the areas of opportunities for me to automate my business? And how do I solve my existing backend pain points?

Event Details:

Date: 22 July 2021

Time: 16:00 - 17:30

Language: English


  • Christian Antono, Xero - Strategic Partnerships Manager, Asia

  • Gordon Ng, Talenox - Jolly Good CEO

Come join us for this webinar and gather new insights from the experts!

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