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【Speaker Highlight】Amit Chatterjee, Founder & CEO, @Shadow Factory

How should we perceive the "Viral Hit" phenomenon?


Every brand dreams of having millions of people read its content, a.k.a "Viral Hit". Many would say that a viral hit is simply too tough to plan for — and practically impossible to duplicate. How should we perceive the "Viral Hit" phenomenon? Here is Shadow Factory's Founder & CEO - Amit Chatterjee's experience and insights!

It is great when somebody get lucky by going viral in one night. But that's definitely not a repeatable, scalable way of doing business. I can't go sell a shooting star to a CMO of a major company and tell them our project may go viral if we get lucky. Scalability, replicability, ability to grow, and if the result is accessible are all characteristics of a successful organization.

Amit Chatterjee

Founder & CEO

Shadow Factory


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