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Best 5 Discount Strategies for eCommerce

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Multiple Ways for Online Stores to do Discount in their Business


What is a discount strategy in e-commerce business?

Nowadays, operating e-commerce business has become a trend in different areas. To start your business in an easy and handly way, using a discount strategy would help you to encourage customers to purchase and increase the business revenue. The below five tactics show how to apply a discount strategy in your store in a simple way.

Tactic 1: Discount a Single Product

Putting one product on sale is your simplest and best starter for doing the discount business. Best way to start with your discount strategy is that you will not be confused and mixed with other products.

Source: Francfranc Hong Kong

Tactic 2: Bulked Products Together and Make a Discount

To ensure that the customer can have a great discount as well as your business can secure a high order value, using “group product” strategy would become one of the attractions. Together with applying coupons to enlarge the promotion effort, “group product” would increase your benefits as the guests would purchase more items.

Source: HKTVmall

Tactic 3: Discount on Specifically Category of Products

If there are many stocks of a specific category of products, providing a category-only discount will be the best way for the company to clean up their stocks.

Source: Mama730

Tactic 4: Provide Quantity Based Discounting

When customers purchase a number of products, they can enjoy a special discount. For the more they purchase, the more discounts they can gain.

Source: Mama730

Tactic 5: Free or Discounted Shipping

Most of the time, customers will be attracted to free shipping services. As customers are not aiming to pay more than what they ideal when they are picking the products to the shopping cart. If they realise that the shipping fee exists or cost too much for them, some of the customers would prefer to cancel the order and purchase it in competitor' website.

Source: Francfranc Hong Kong

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