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Executive Workshop in UXUI Essentials





About the Course

Do you have any difficulties driving your company’s digital transformation but you do not have any IT Background? In this course, you will learn how to plan, design and implement your digital application from a business and management perspective. You will also learn how to implement a user-friendly and innovative digital application by understanding the user’s need and their market preference, designing the digital application from idea, engaging users in using some of the UI/UX design techniques, and collaborating with development teams to build the application successfully.

Who should attend

  1. Owner of SME who are interested in applying UXUI in their business

  2. For middle and top managerial staff to communicate the UXUI ideas with the project team

Course outline

  1. Learn about the process of UX, through drafting the user persona and identify the needs and user story.

  2. Learn about the process of UI, including to understand on Branding System and apply the Branding to Wireframes.

  3. To start the project management of web/ app development by setting project timeframe, task distribution and stakeholder communication.

Course format

  1. In-person Training

  2. Corporate Training

Certification award




Course fee


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Your Instructor

Endy Chow

Endy Chow is Director of Hong Kong E-Commerce Business Association (HKEBA) & Branch8.
He has more than 10 years of experience in facilitating digital product design and management, conducting growth marketing, driving innovation from idea to market, doing digital transformation consultation & training, and building innovation and creative community.

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